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Directors of AmeriCan GOTV Enterprises, LLC

This limited liability company is currently owned and operated by two members: Jean D. Justus and R. Arthur Murray. Jean D. Justus is the director of U.S. Sales and Market Research. Ms. Justus is an energetic, resourceful, innovative professional with over 15 years of diverse experience, resulting in well defined and highly developed organizational, analytical, and strategic planning abilities. Jean is recognised as an effective leader and team builder with proven skills in regard to oral and written communication, facilitation and project management.

Ms. Justus has held political party appointments and managed several successful political campaigns. She holds a degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina. Ms. Justus is also a graduate of the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership. Based on her education and practical experience, she has a deep understanding of the political process in this country. In 2002, Ms. Justus partnered in the update and re-write of The Campaign Manual, The Definitive Study of the Modern Political Process.

Arthur Murray is the director of Canadian Sales and Market Research. Art is recognised as an effective leader and team builder, whose consulting expertise includes campaign management, voter targeting, fundraising, the Internet campaign, and computerization of the modern campaign.

In 2002, Mr. Murray partnered in the update and re-write of The Campaign Manual. Mr. Murray is the sole author of many sections within the manual, including Chapter 12 - Computerization of the Campaign.

Mr. Murray has worked extensively as the development manager of the Campaign Optimizer and the PAC Optimizer, campaign management and financial reporting software applications focused on the management and accounting needs of individual candidates, the multi-campaign needs of campaign management firms or PAC and Party Committees. In addition, Mr. Murray consults on the development of campaign computerization systems and the use of the Internet campaign in the modern political campaign environment.

Mr. Murray has written many articles regarding strategies associated with the modern political campaign, including Two Voter Methodologies, Why Challengers Lose, and Targeting is the Secret to the Successful Modern Campaign.

Mr. Murray, on numerous occasions, has been the guest speaker during campaign management seminars, both for AmeriCan GOTV Seminars and for organization sponsored workshops. In addition, Mr. Murray has been a speaker at the Campaigns and Elections Annual Seminar, Winning Campaigns, and New York University. He is a regular speaker to each graduating class at the Institute of Political Leadership in North Carolina.
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