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Political Columns
by Winning Campaigns and Allan Bonner
The “how to” columns deal with raising money, research, debates, and pressing the political flesh.  A compilation of articles from Winning Campaigns and other publications. Politicos everywhere are reading Political Columns by Allan Bonner ...
29.95 24.95
185 pages, English
Publisher: Sextant Publishing
Printed Format: 6 x 9 in
ISBN: 978-0-9731134-4-0
Media Relations
by Dr. Allan Bonner
This definitive text at several leading Universities and Colleges is journalism in reverse. It demystifies public affairs, starting with examining your news value and working through media lists, press releases, news conferences and keeping reporters coming back for more...
29.95 16.95
173 pages, English
Publisher: Sextant Publishing
Printed Format: 6 x 9 in
ISBN: 0-9731134-2-1
The Campaign Manual
A Definitive Study of the Modern Political Campaign Process
was first published in 1981. Now many revisions later, it has become the most widely used campaign manual in the industry. It provides a complete and comprehensive guide to running a modern political campaign.
$79.95 $25.00
Soft Cover (paperback)
6th Edition 408 pages
(Hard Cover add $10.00)
Publisher: AmeriCan GOTV Enterprises, LLC
Language: English
Printed Format: 8.5 x 11 in
Strategies, Services, and Products for Political Campaign Management
We offer the finest in-depth information on political campaigning and political marketing. Do not miss upcoming issues analyzing campaigns and campaign management technique and our special directory of consultants and services PLUS more tips on successful campaign strategy every month!!
$29.95 / year (US Residents)
Publisher: Jean Justus / Winning Campaigns
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