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Only someone with Mr. Guzzetta’s vast experience could write a manual this comprehensive. Not theory, or a potpourri of ideas, but one based on actual campaign experience developed where it counts - in the trenches managing over 35 campaigns and consulting on over 200 more from coast to coast, at all levels. Written in a narrative style, it is very easy to understand."

"If there is such a thing as the "benchmark" of the political campaign industry, The Campaign Manual is it!"

"As campaign technology becomes more advanced, it is even more important that candidates and campaign operatives have access to good training materials. S.J. Guzzetta has developed an excellent, comprehensive training manual. It takes a campaign from the announcement to victory. It is a real asset to political education."

  Mary Matalin
Former Chief of Staff,
Republican National Committee

In reviewing The Campaign Manual, Dr. Walter DeVries, Ph.D., had this to say,

"In The Campaign Manual, Guzzetta drives home the point that the way you gather and use information is what campaign strategy and winning is all about....this is a significant contribution to practical campaign politics."

Dr. DeVries continues,

"In The Campaign Manual, Sal Guzzetta has put together an extraordinarily practical, easy to read manual on the most difficult and disliked part of American Campaigning..?.fund-raising. An important road map through some tough territory."

  Dr. Walter DeVries, Ph.D.
Executive Director
North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership

Professor Amy Black of Wheaton College states:

"Guzzetta’s manual provides the detailed information and practical tools necessary to help my students as they design mock Senate campaigns and experience the electioneering process.

I especially liked the chapter on budget and finance and the related appendices. I find it hard to communicate how candidates spend their money in a way that connects with my students, and this chapter explains this well. I also like the variety and detail of the appendices and worksheets -- this is very practical and very helpful."

Professor Amy Black concludes

"...I know of no other publication currently available that provides such a clear, comprehensive, and practical resource for designing political campaigns."

  Dr. Amy E. Black, Ph.D.
Politics and International Relations
Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois

About The Campaign Manual, Dr. Smith explained,

"The manual works extremely well for the course and was very well suited to my teaching method. Students liked it. Significantly, many said that they were planning on keeping the book rather than selling it back to textbook dealers because they think it will be useful to them in the future."

  Professor Elizabeth Smith
University of South Dakota
Campaigns and Democracy

From the student evaluation,

"Guzzetta?s Campaign Manual was a real hit. Virtually all students reported reading a high percent of it; a very large percentage for a reference manual. Students cited it as the most valuable book assigned during the semester; a respectable showing for a manual given the quality of other books assigned."

  Student Evaluation
University of South Dakota
Campaigns and Democracy
Individual Reader Comments 
This book gives a great overview of the campaign process. It describes in detail the steps necessary to put together a winning campaign. I found it most enjoyable.
A reader from San Diego, CA
 "well researched" - June 19, 2006

A must read whether you are running for office or simply interested in the American political process.
A reader from Albany, NY
 "a real political campaign resource" April 5, 2005

Your first step to doing anything well, is learning "how to" from a professional. Guzzettas Campaign Manual is that how to!
A reader from Heathrow, FL
"comprehensive" March 30, 2006

The Campaign Manual could be called Campaigning For Dummies.
A reader from Mt. Vernon, IL
’step by step to winning’ - February 18, 2005
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