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The Campaign Manual
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Development of Campaign Strategy

  A Definition of Campaign Strategy
Chapter One Word Index

Chapter 2 - Characteristics of the Candidates
  Physical Characteristics
Intellectual Characteristics
Emotional Characteristics
Name ID Rating
Favorability Rating
Personal History
Career History
Civic History
Summarizing the Personal Characteristics
Chapter Two Word Index

Chapter 3 - Additional Characteristics
  Financial Resources
Personnel Resources
District Demographics
District Geographic Characteristics
District Economic Characteristics
District Voting Characteristics
Media Characteristics of the District
Impact of Other Races
Impact of Election Regulations
Impact of Time Constraints
Impact of Financial Constraints
Summary - A Fable
Frequently Asked Questions on Strategy
Chapter Three Word Index

Chapter 4 - Development of the Game Plan
  Introduction to the Study of a Candidate’s Campaign
Preparation - The Campaign Task List
Preparation Summary
Candidate Checklist
Chapter Four Word Index

Chapter 5 - Implementing the Campaign
  A Time For Action
Two Basic Groups of Voters / Methodologies
A Prototype Plan
The Parameters
Building Name ID
Creating a Favorable Impression
Communications with the Above Average Voters
What Should Be Communicated
How to Establish and Reach Voter Objectives
Paid Media Strategy
Strategy Review
Chapter Five Word Index

Chapter 6 - The Game Plan, Budget, and Cash Flow
  The Game Plan
The Preface 
Developing The Timeline
The Political Timeline
The Campaign Budget
How to Estimate The Budget
Chapter Six Word Index

Chapter 7 - Organizational Flow Chart
  The Campaign Organization
The Candidate
Candidate Do’s and Don’ts
Types of Campaign Activity
Campaign Organization Role Index
Chapter Seven Word Index

Chapter 8 - The Finance Committee
  How to Recruit
How to Organize
Finance Committee Objectives
Finance Committee Methods
Individual Solicitation
Major Fund-raising Events
Minor Fund-raising Events
The Direct Mail Solicitation
PAC and Party Solicitation
Candidate Fund-raising Activity
Chapter Eight Word Index

Chapter 9 - The Fund-raising Game Plan
  Buy Your Copy Now!The Fund-raising Campaign
Organization of the Finance Committee
Timeline and Fund-raising Schedule
The Fund-raising Direct Mail Program
The PAC Solicitation Program
Out-of-District Fund-raising Program
Major (Fund-raising) Events
Minor (Fund-raising) Events
The Candidate’s Role
Fund-raising Game Plan Summary
Chapter Nine Word Index

Chapter 10 - What the Opponent Will Be Doing
  First Stage - Strategy and Activity
Second Stage - Campaigning
Third Stage - High Gear
Opposition Strategy and Tactics
Chapter Ten Word Index

Chapter 11 - Summary and Overview of Campaign Plan
  Summary and Overview
Chapter Eleven Word Index

Chapter 12 - Computerization of the Campaign
  Campaign Management Software
Voter Registration File
Individual Prospect File
Individual Support File
Organization Prospect and Support Files
Media File, Vendor File, Campaign Timeline
Appearance Scheduling
Financial Data
Reporting / Queries
Financial Reporting
In Conclusion
Campaigning and the Internet
Web Site Facts - Campaigning 2000
The Bottom Line
Chapter Twelve Word Index

Chapter 13 - Variations for Other Type Campaigns
  Congressional Size Campaigns
A Semi-Rural District
A Rural District
Urban / Suburban District
No Local Media Market / Open Registration
A Contested Primary
US Senate, Gubernatorial, or Statewide Races
Legislative Campaigns
Local Campaigns
Chapter Thirteen Word Index

Chapter 14 - Sample Plans That Work
  Sample Political Game Plan
Sample Field Operations Manual
Sample Fund Raising Letters
Sample Finance Committee Operations Manual
Sample Phone Bank Operations Manual
Chapter Fourteen Word Index

  Appendix A – Physical Characteristics Check List
Appendix B – Physical Characteristics Analysis
Appendix C – Intellectual Characteristics Check List
Appendix D – Intellectual Characteristics Analysis
Appendix E – Emotional Characteristics Check List
Appendix F – Emotional Characteristics Analysis
Appendix G – Tabulation Work Sheet #1
Appendix H – Tabulation Work Sheet #2
Appendix I – Personal History Check List
Appendix J – Personal History Analysis
Appendix K – Career History Check List
Appendix L – Civic History Check List
Appendix M – Sample Forms
Inside Flap / BRE
Contributor’s Card / Pledge Card
Volunteer’s Card / Endorsement Cards
Request For Appearance Form
Endorsement and Support Signature Sheet
Daily Schedule Form


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